Fast Fog Burn: Your Personal Driving Force

There is a way out of the fog. Your North Star is waiting to be named. 

Over the course of three to four one-hour sessions, we will unearth and language the fundamental force that drives you, providing you with a touchstone for life’s million decisions, large and small. 

You’ll emerge focused, enlivened, and clear. 

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Why does having a defined Personal Driving Force matter?

If you were in the woods, would you want a compass?

Your Personal Driving Force is your life compass. It tells you where your sun rises and sets, how to find your way home or forward into the glorious unknown. It is a compact, compelling way of knowing your core self and what drives you at your best. Sometimes it's followed by a manifesto or series of impact statements or "hows" but at its essence, it is a declaration to yourself of your essential reason for being and doing in the world. 

What people are saying:

"I didn’t understand what I was doing, what was driving me or why. Now I have words to explain to myself what I’m doing! It all makes sense, and really helps me reach to be the best me in different situations."   -- Michael F., Software Engineering Manager

"The information I gained was so very powerful and inspirational -- it gave me permission to say YES I CAN DO THIS and YES I AM DOING THIS." -- Jackie M., Licensed Professional Counselor

"I’d been making decisions in the dark, just doing what seemed right but feeling pulled in so many directions. Now I have a tool, a way to make choices intentionally and it is SUCH a relief. I feel like I can breathe again, and I didn’t even know I was holding my breath before." -- Susan R., professor and writer


Let’s light some fires! I'm offering five people the opportunity to create their Personal Driving Force statements for just $400 starting June 1. To apply for one of these spots, use the contact form here and let me know in just a few words what's motivating you to do this right now. 

Sample Personal Driving Force statements

                                                             I believe that play is the central mode for human liberation.

                  I believe that telling our deep and risky stories is the only path to true equity in this country. 

                                     I believe that crucial breakthroughs require brave reframing and the release of precious perceptions. 

                         I believe that the human interaction involved in any decision-making process matters more than any product.

                                                                                               I believe that any room we enter is a place we can bloom. 

                                             I believe that the unified self is a power source for the salvation of the world.