I really had my doubts… not about Marty, but about myself. I didn’t understand what I was doing, what was driving me or why. Now I have words to explain to myself what I’m doing! It all makes sense, and really helps me reach to be the best me in different situations.

Michael F., Software Engineering Manager, Cloud-Computing

This is the coaching experience you've been dreaming about! Marty marries practical skills with consentful intuition, creating an empowering environment where you lead your own journey with her excellent support. You never feel disrespected or stupid, but safe, relaxed, and energized at the end of every session. The one sentence statement we created together became my guiding vision, and the epic culminating document left me totally secure and confident. Marty freaking delivers!

Bonnie S., Portland OR        

The information I gained was so very powerful and inspirational -- it gave me permission to say YES I CAN DO THIS and YES I AM DOING THIS. I felt very comfortable and ready to kick ass moving forward in my world. The best part of my experience with Marty and her magic was being connected with a like-minded woman who believes in the power of energy and provided me with a sense of clarity, motivation and validating my truth.

Jackie M., Licensed Professional Counselor

What you need to know is, Marty sees you. Like, down to your core. I want to say that it's magic, but it's more than that. She sees what's possible, and gets you there. I feel unstoppable now. 

Emily R., Chicago

This work with Marty shifted my energy in a much needed way. Change hasn’t come easy, but with her support I’m growing in important ways, without being so hard on myself. I've read so many self-help books and taken so many courses, and this is the first thing that has truly made a change that I believe will alter the course of my life. I'm so grateful and so excited for what's next. 

V.L., Boston

While I was at first hesitant, I was curious and knew that Marty would be the only person I would trust to guide me through the process. I began to feel connected to some web of collective understanding I had previously caught glimpses of but had been unable to decode. Through Marty's incredible depth of feeling and her marvelous gift with words, I came out with a great sense of peace and a real sense of direction and purpose. 

J.P., Chicago