But how do we get unified? How do we even know if we’re fragmented?

There was a point in my life when I was raising millions of dollars for a nonprofit in New York City, co-leading an artist’s collective that helped change the face of American poetry, touring the country performing and teaching, moving ever deeper into a spiritual practice, and I realized -- This is going to kill me.

I’d compartmentalized my life as a leader of that artistic community from my work as a fundraiser from my life as a poet and educator and evolving spiritual being -- and yet managed to hopelessly entwine these with my friendships and romantic life.

In short, it was a hot mess.

It has taken years of intentional journeying outward and inward, seeking guidance in mentors and books and healers and following crooked paths to get to a place where I have begun to feel and BE unified.

In that unity, my purpose is to bring to others the ancient and modern intuitive and practical techniques that got me here. And to guide you inward and outward, until you too become a self-renewing energy source for this world that needs you so very much.

I can’t wait to meet you. It’s going to be great.