Give the gift of guidance and insight

Customized coaching packages are available. Basic packages are described below. Purchase gift cards online here! Email with any questions.

Single session: Snapshot and Jumpstart, $75

In this single session, we will explore where you are right now, identifying barriers, bridges, and blind spots; areas of satisfaction, stability, and stimulation; and what is happening internally, externally, and ethereally. Based on that work, we'll establish key steps you can take right now to jumpstart the next phase of your life, and discuss ways to stay on track going forward.

Writing Your Revised Life: early 2019 edition, $150

This 6-session guided group practice uses exploratory writing and expansive reading to take you deep, unearthing the power that lies beneath. We construct our world through language. So whether you consider yourself a writer or not, we can use language to deconstruct and transform -- especially when we focus on topics that form so many of our blockages and, on the flipside, ready us for freedom. January-February course topics will include aging and change, origin and lineage, love, hope and despair, work and play, loneliness and longing.  

Three-session package: A Deeper Dive, $250

Over the course of three sessions, we will identify patterns that help and patterns that hinder you from achieving your best life. We'll look at what factors in and around you can be controlled, and which can't, and what to do about that. Most importantly, we'll take stock of where you are and where you want to be, and get you solidly on the path to being the best you you've ever been.

Customized packages also available. Email to discuss options.